Here’s an Early Look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We’re just weeks away from Samsung’s next major launch event on August 23, and already we have a full visual of the device it is expected to unveil — the Galaxy Note 8.

That’s courtesy of prolific smartphone leaker Evan Blass  who correctly detailed Samsung’s Galaxy S8 before it was announced earlier this year — and a couple of photos of the apparently upcoming phone that he posted on Twitter. We don’t have precise specs at this point, but we can deduce a few things from the top image beyond the dual-camera-dual-flash array on the reverse. It looks like the Note 8 will sport a fingerprint scanner on its backside next to the camera, like the Galaxy S8, while it appears it will also borrow the S8’s Bixby button on its right side.

  • 01/08/2017

Apple to bring AR features to FaceTime in iPhone 8

When Apple debuted the iOS 11 during WWDC earlier this year, the company showed a lot of new and interesting features. Most of the new features are expected to debut alongside the iPhone 8. However, the one significant change that might set Apple iPhone 8 apart from rivals could be the new FaceTime technology. While Apple did drop hints about the new technology debuting with Apple iPhone 8, nothing has been confirmed yet. 

  • 25/07/2017

Google Releases the Final Android O Developer Preview

Google today launched the fourth and final developer preview of Android O, the latest version of its mobile operating system. As expected, there are no major changes in this release and, according to Google, the launch of Android O remains on track for later this summer. There’s still some time left before the official end of the summer (that’s September 22, in case you wondered), but given that Android Nougat was on a very similar schedule, I expect we’ll see a final release in August.

  • 25/07/2017

AI And ‘Enormous Data’ Could Make Tech Giants Harder To Topple

ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER record-breaking AI research study released by Google—this time with results that are a reminder of a crucial business dynamic of the current AI boom. The ecosystem of tech companies that consumers and the economy increasingly depend on is traditionally said to be kept innovative and un-monopolistic by disruption, the process whereby smaller companies upend larger ones. But when competition in tech depends on machine learning systems powered by huge stockpiles of data, slaying a tech giant may be harder than ever.

  • 17/07/2017

5 Reasons Why Python Should Be the First Coding Language You Learn

With the increasing prevalence of technology in our daily lives and the tech industry booming, it's no surprise that more and more people are considering picking up a career in coding. Developers are some of the most highly paid folks in the industry, and the pathway to becoming a developer isn't exactly a linear one, making it extremely appealing for those looking to make a switch.

But these days, it's essential for developers to know not just one coding language, but be able to leverage a few in order to build the most effective solution, design the most appealing app or create the most engaging and responsive website possible. That can be a pretty daunting task when there are literally hundreds of notable ones to choose from.

But for the fledgling developer ready to leave the nest, we have an easy first draft pick: learn Python first. Why?

  • 14/07/2017

Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

It’s no secret that mobile apps are among the fastest-growing sectors of the world’s technology infrastructure with 2.1 million Android apps and 2 million iOS apps now available on leading app stores. With a diverse array of use cases encompassing everything from direct-to-consumer service delivery to business-to-business communication.

  • 15/02/2021

10 Apps To Connect Your PC to Android Devices

When you’re a vivid smartphone user, you may need to connect your device to your PC or Mac. Maybe you wish to backup your photos and videos, extract some crucial data, or extract files to free space on your device. Or maybe you wish to check your calls and messages or remote-control your device.

  • 01/02/2021