Here’s an Early Look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  • 01/08/2017

We’re just weeks away from Samsung’s next major launch event on August 23, and already we have a full visual of the device it is expected to unveil — the Galaxy Note 8.

That’s courtesy of prolific smartphone leaker Evan Blass  who correctly detailed Samsung’s Galaxy S8 before it was announced earlier this year — and a couple of photos of the apparently upcoming phone that he posted on Twitter. We don’t have precise specs at this point, but we can deduce a few things from the top image beyond the dual-camera-dual-flash array on the reverse. It looks like the Note 8 will sport a fingerprint scanner on its backside next to the camera, like the Galaxy S8, while it appears it will also borrow the S8’s Bixby button on its right side.

Another thing we know is that the Note 8 is likely to be the largest Note yet.

That’s not simply going on these leaked screenshots. Samsung dropped a major hint with its event invitation — ‘Do bigger things’ — while previous leaks have hinted at a 6.3-inch, 19.5:9 aspect ratio display which would really be something. Samsung has a lot at stake with this device, of course, given the recall of last year’s Note 7 due to battery issues that, in some cases, caused explosions.

Screens are a hot battle-ground for this year’s smartphone show ponies. LG is said to beprepping an AMOLED screen for its next flagship, Huawei’s CEO confirmed its upcoming Mate 10 will have a full-screen display, and there’s the 10 year edition iPhone, which looks like it will pack a lot of new features, including infra-red face unlock and an (apparent) bezel-less front screen.

Source: TechCruch

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