What is new in UMBRACO 8?

  • 11/02/2021

Umbraco 8 is the latest version of Umbraco CMS. It’s the fastest and best version of Umbraco and a big step forward in regard to making your work with Umbraco simpler; simpler to extend, simpler to edit, simpler to publish - simpler to use, simpler to enjoy.

The new generation of Umbraco

Like all previous versions of the Umbraco content management system, Umbraco 8 is free to download and use. It is an open source software protected by the MIT license and like its predecessors, it’s written in C# and built upon Microsoft's .NET Framework, using ASP.NET.

Umbraco 8 was released on February 26th 2019 and is being updated regularly with bug fixes, features, security fixes etc. by the Umbraco HQ. 

What's new in Umbraco 8?

Being a major version, you'll find a lot of "newness"; new features, new design, new code syntax, new structure. All to improve your experience with Umbraco.
In Umbraco 8 we have introduced 3 new big features:

Infinite Editing

The ability to create smoother workflows for editors, customers and developers so you can work in Umbraco completely uninterrupted.

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Language Variants

With built-in functions to help manage multilingual content, it has never been simpler to add, update and edit various languages in Umbraco.

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Content Apps

Get the ability to improve your content with insightful data and tips that’ll support your editors in their work in Umbraco and help them create outstanding content!

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Working with Umbraco has never been more straightforward - or faster

Apart from the new features, the Umbraco CMS codebase has also undergone a massive rework and cleanup for Umbraco 8. A cleanup that has now made it even simpler to extend and work with Umbraco as well as a lot easier for developers to follow best practices and take advantage of up-to-date technologies within Umbraco. It has also made the Umbraco CMS more stable and improved on performance. 

Overall, Umbraco 8 will give you a faster experience both when creating, extending, updating, browsing and editing websites. And it will make your work with Umbraco, whatever your job title, more straightforward and fun.



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